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Pensioner Wins Big!

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The National lottery is the biggest lottery draw in South Africa and is often seen as a pipe dream. The Jackpot regularly reaches over R10 Million. Most people that do win big, will win between R2000-R50,000. This can be paid out from any post office.

When a pensioner In Durban went to the local PicknPay last week where she does her normal grocery shopping, she did what she does every week and checked her old lottery tickets before buying a new one.

The look on the teller’s face was one of shock, and she informed the pensioner that she had to visit the closest national lottery office as she had just won big.

The lady had no idea just how big she had won… Her winnings were about to change her life forever.

The next day her husband drove her to the national lottery office and upon arrival she was informed she had won R25.3 Million Rand! She almost fainted when she heard the figure, and both her and her husband shed a tear thinking how much the winnings would change their lives. She also expressed her amazement that she had just won over R25 million Rand from a quick pick lotto ticket! She has been buying tickets every week for the past 8 years, and it’s certainly paid off!

When asked what they would do with the winnings, they said that once the shock had worn off, they would invest the money wisely as it would not just change their lives, but that of their children and grandchildren.

The pensioner declined to give her name as she said she enjoyed her privacy and she would tell her family and only them.

The National Lottery helps all winners with counselling as it can often be quite a shock to win such a massive amount of money. They also provide financial advisors that are equipped to help the winners with investment advice to help them manage their new wealth.