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4 surprising stories of how lottery winners around the world spent their millions

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Have you ever wondered what you would do if you won big money in a lottery? Would you buy houses, cars, pay for expensive holidays overseas, buy designer clothes and accessories? Spoil family and friends? Or would you rather keep your winnings under cover, pay off your debts and anonymously donate the rest of your fortune to charities and continue living the normal life?

We’ve heard some interesting stories of lucky lottery winners around the world. Read on to see how they decided to spend their fortune!

67-year- old widower Ron Elliott from London won GBP 7.9 M in 2013, but simply went back to his work in a nursing home the following day. He said that the patients needed him, and he found his job satisfying and didn’t want to leave. Elliott must be one of the most selfless people around, as his first step after winning millions of pounds was to pay off his son’s mortgage, and treat his work colleagues and patients!

A New Yorker John Kutey who was one of seven winners of 2011 Mega Millions lottery jackpot worth USD 319 M, decided to spend part of his winnings on… building a water park in his hometown of Green Island, New York. That was his way to commemorate his parents. His plan was successfully implemented, and Spray Park opened there in 2013.

In 2012 a Canadian Bob Erb won CAD 25M after regularly buying lottery tickets for a few decades. He decided to give away most of his fortune to friends, neighbours, local businesses, charities and causes with the focus on… legalizing marijuana. He planned to continue working and donating his wages to charity, as well.

A retired couple from West Australia won AUD 1.3 M in August 2016. They claim that they remain humble and plan to buy a second-hand car with their winnings, and live their lives as they did before always shopping around for best prices. Their biggest and perhaps ‘most extravagant’ dream that they can make happen now, is to take their grandchildren to Disneyland!